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Delivery of your Home Heating Oil*

"Enjoy hassle-free service at unbeatable prices! Order your Kerosene online and have it delivered directly to your home at the best possible rates"

Right Price Oil offers the most competitive kerosene prices in Carlow, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Roscommon, Westmeath, Wicklow, Wexford, and Mayo, ensuring affordability along with quality service.

RightPriceOil is your go-to source for Local Low-Price Home Heating Oil. We specialise in supplying Kerosene, the preferred choice for modern home heating systems due to its cleaner and more environmentally friendly properties. Today, trust us to meet your home heating needs with efficiency and reliability.

Get The Right Price On Kerosene, Today.

Just enter your location, product and number of litres required. Our online ordering is so easy, and our team of experienced staff will handle everything right up to delivering your fuel, right to your door.

Fast & Secure Payment

We offer the simplest and most secure methods of online payment. We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Master Card and several others using Global Payments as our online payment gateway provider.

How to Order Oil Online

Choose the Amount

Select your desired oil quantity, ranging between 200 to 1000 liters.

Order & Pay

Review your order details, enter payment information securely, and confirm your purchase for processing

No Hassle Delivery

After ordering, relax! We ensure timely delivery to your specified location without any inconvenience.

Five good reasons for using our home heating oil

Prompt, personal service not just once, but every time you order with us.

We are owner managed so you can always be assured of first-class customer service.

We are committed to delivering your order within 2 working days.

(However, please note that in exceptional Weather conditions this may not always be possible owing to circumstances outside our control)

We deliver six days each week

(Monday-Saturday inclusive)

Lowest kerosene prices in Ireland

enables us to keep our administration costs to a minimum. With lower overheads, we can focus on providing you with the lowest heating oil prices always.

Ultra-modern digital meters on all tankers,

ensure that you get printed delivery dockets, confirming the exact amount delivered every time we deliver to you. (See below for further information)

Dedicated Delivery Areas of Right Price Oil

For each of the regions Right Price Oil serves, our commitment to timely, reliable service ensures warmth and satisfaction across counties:

Carlow - Keeping the heritage-rich Carlow warm with dependable oil delivery.

Dublin - Fueling the vibrant capital’s demand with swift and efficient service.

Galway - From city bustle to rural charm, Galway relies on our punctual oil provision.

Kildare - In Ireland's equine heartland, we deliver with speed and reliability.

Laois - Right Price Oil connects the pastoral and urban communities of Laois with top-tier service.

Longford - Our dedication ensures that the tranquility of Longford is matched by the comfort of reliable oil delivery.

Louth - Comprehensive coverage meets community spirit in our Louth deliveries.

Mayo - No landscape too rugged, no destination too remote for our Mayo service.

Meath - Right Price Oil fuels Meath’s historical grandeur with consistent supply.

Offaly - Trustworthy delivery reaches from the Slieve Bloom Mountains to the banks of the Shannon in Offaly.

Roscommon - Tradition meets modern delivery excellence in Roscommon.

Westmeath - The heart of the Midlands beats warmly with our steady oil deliveries.

Wexford - Ensuring Wexford homes reflect the county’s sunny disposition with reliable oil delivery.

Wicklow - The natural splendor of Wicklow is complemented by the comfort of our efficient fuel service.

Right Price Oil is an independent oil company delivering high-quality fuel at competitive rates combined with professionally trained sales and driving staff...

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