What Home Heating Oil should I choose?

  • What Home Heating Oil should I choose?

    There are two types of heating oil, Kerosene and Gas Oil.
    Kerosene (also known as 28 second oil) is used for all modern installations or in boilers that were installed in the last twenty years. Kerosene is considerably cleaner and more environmentally friendly than gas oil. Gas Oil (also known as 35-secondoil) is used in older heating boilers, for agriculture use and in industrial burners.

  • What if I don’t see my area in the Counties listed in the quote box?

    If you don’t see your county in the list of counties displayed in the Quote Box it means unfortunately, we do not deliver to your area.

  • Can I pay in cash?

    We are an online company all the orders must be placed through our website.

  • Does the Home Heating Oil price quoted include VAT?

    All prices quoted on the Website include VAT and all related charges.

  • How do I order Home Heating Oil from the Website?

    You can order on-line at a time that suits you and we will deliver the next working day if ordered before 12pm on the previous day. At peak times or during very cold weather your oil will be delivered within 2 working days.

  • Will I be contacted before my Heating Oil delivery?

    When you complete your heating oil order details, you have an option to specify if you want to be contacted prior to the home heating oil delivery.

  • How can I pay for my Home Heating Oil?

    This is an online only brand, this way we can offer exceptional value, always. All orders must be placed online. We accept payment for home heating oil by Debit or Credit Card.

  • What if I don’t take the quantity of Heating Oil I order?

    If the full amount is not delivered, we will refund the difference directly back to the card used when ordering. Please note if the amount delivered is less than what was ordered the unit price is likely to increase.

  • How secure is my payment for Home Heating Oil?

    We work with merchant banks to accept and authorize debit and credit card payments for heating oil.
    All contact through to the website uses secure SSL type encryption and all credit card details are removed once processed.
    We take great care to protect your information (especially your payment details) and use the most modern security technology to ensure your details are always

  • How much Heating Oil do I order?

    Our minimum delivery is 200 litres.
    Most domestic oil tanks range in size from 900 Litres to 1,200 Litres. The capacity of your tank may be indicated by a sticker on the tank. Our drivers will not overfill your tank and you will only be charged for the quantity which you receive. The unit price may vary if the delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity. We would advise that you dip your tank prior to delivery.

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