RightPriceOil.ie supplies oil for a range of oil-fired cookers, we understand how important your Aga Cooker is in your home and we know that great care needs to be taken in the course of a delivery of kerosene for your cooker.

It is essential that the oil delivery driver eliminates any possibility of product contamination by clearing his delivery hose. In the course of driver training at RightPriceOil.ie all drivers are trained to ensure that their delivery hose is free of any product contamination (product contamination can occur if a driver was delivering any product other than kerosene immediately prior to making a delivery of kerosene).

If a customer confirms on their online order or when they contact our sales office that they use kerosene for their cooker and state the name of the cooker, this information is transferred to the driver’s delivery docket thereby informing him of the importance of clearing his delivery line prior to making a delivery to any customer that requires kerosene for their cooker.

As a result of this policy, many heating engineers who specialize in servicing cookers recommend customers to order their kerosene requirements from RightPriceOil.ie

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